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Valv boul an kwiv

Valv boul an kwiv

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Segondè presyon NPT valv kwiv lwil oliv gaz 1/2 pous fi Threaded fòje an kwiv gaz boul valv

Kote li soti:Lachin
Non Brand:Jinhongda
Nimewo Modèl:1/2''-2''
sètifikasyon:ISO 9001: 2008
Koneksyon:Female/ Male Thread
Materyèl:an kwiv
Minimòm Lòd Kantite:10
Anbalaj Detay:Carton
Tan livrezon:Pou yo kapab negosye
Peman Terms:transfer and letter of credit
Bay Abilite:Kantite pyès / Moso pou chak mwa

Brass ball valve is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of medium. The ball valve with V-shaped opening also has good flow regulation function.

1. It is suitable for frequent operation, and can be opened and closed quickly and easily.

2. The fluid resistance is small.

3. Simple structure, small relative volume, light weight and easy maintenance.

4. Bon pèfòmans fermeture

5. The flow direction of the medium can be arbitrary without the restriction of the installation direction.

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Non pwodwiSegondè presyon NPT valv kwiv lwil oliv gaz 1/2 pous fi Threaded fòje an kwiv gaz boul valv
KoulèKoulè jòn
Kantite moun ki1/2''-2''
Materyèlan kwiv
PakeIFAN Carton +OPP Bag
AdvantageGood Sealing, Not Easy To Leak
ItilizasyonConnect Water Pipe
sètifikasyonISO CE
Health GuaranteeNot Easy To Corrode, And Does Not Form Scale
Teknoloji PwodiksyonGerman Advanced Technology

General, Home Kitchen Gas System

konpetitif Advantage

With 12+ years production experience . jinhongda piping system is widely favored at home and abroad by its' high quality and good price .

1. Full size:1/4''-2''

2. Accept customization: line, typing, color, packaging, length

3. water pressure: High Pressure

4. Best materials: 100% New Material

5.50 ane garanti

6. High Temperature Resistance

7.Non-toxic, harmless, no rust, no corrosion

8. Large production capacity: 10 production lines, each can produce 18,000 pieces/day

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