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PN25 PN40 Joint ekspansyon kawotchou

EN1092 PN25 PN40 Flange kawotchou ekspansyon jwenti sèl esfè fleksib jwenti kawotchou

Kote li soti:Lachin
Non Brand:Jinhongda
Nimewo Modèl:DN25-DN3000
sètifikasyon:ISO & CE
presyonPN25 PN40
Minimòm Lòd Kantite:1
Anbalaj Detay:The inner package is carton and the outer package is wooden case
Tan livrezon:Depann sou kantite espesifik
Peman Terms:transfè ak lèt ​​kredi
Bay Abilite:5000 inite yon mwa

1,rubber joint,flange rubber joint,rubber expansion joint,single ball rubber joint

2,Used for shock absorption at pipe joints


Rubber material:NR/NBR/EPDM

flange material:carbon steel/cast steel/ss304

Flange standard:ANSI/JIS10K/150LB/DIN

Flange type rubber flexible joint (rubber flexible joint) consists of a tubular seal composed of inner and outer rubber layers, cord layers and steel wire rings, which is formed by vulcanization and then loosely combined with a metal flange or a parallel joint. It is a pipe joint with high elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance and weather resistance.

Brief introduction: flange type rubber joint is also called flexible rubber soft connection, high pressure shock absorber shock absorption throat, etc. It is used for the connection of pumps and valves and the noise reduction and vibration reduction of pipelines with severe vibration

Product karakteristik:

1. Ti gwosè ak pwa limyè.

2. Convenient installation and maintenance

3. Operating pressure up to 0.6 mpa

NAN. Long sèvis lavi

5. Corresponding products and accessories can be provided according to user needs

6. Wide application scope

It is applicable to pipeline system under various corrosive medium conditions

Material: flexible single sphere synthetic rubber (nitrile), double sphere synthetic rubber (natural rubber), ethylene propylene diene monomer (epdm).

k ap travay prensip:

1. Tubular covering material made of nylon cord fabric impregnated with inner and outer rubber fabric.

2. The adhesion between the inner and outer adhesive tapes is enhanced, and the surface of the inner layer is coated with high-strength adhesive.

3. The surface of outer layer is coated with high strength adhesive.

4. Hollow cylindrical products with strong tensile force after vulcanization

5. Different bolt structures are used in the design to realize the leak free connection with the pipeline system

6. Steel plastic or stainless steel clamps can be selected according to actual requirements

7. Cooperate with metal flange or parallel union to achieve different purposes

Aplikasyon prensipal:It is widely used for flexible connection of various types of pipes such as steam air compressed air in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and electric power industries;

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Material of each components

2Inner & Outer RubberNR,CR,IIR,NBR,FKM,EPDM,PTFE
3Body CarcassNylon kòd twal
4Reinforcing RingMulti-strand coppering steel wire
5BrideCast and forged carbon steel(Q235).                                        Stainless steel(201,304,316,321)                                        Plastic(CPVC,PVDF,PPH,UPVC,RPP)

Main koneksyon dimansyon

Atik ki gen konpòtman egzanplèRFJD-10RFJD-16RFJD-25nòt
Travay presyon (Mpa) if media is oil,acid or alkali                                        B. If special requirements for working temperature                                        C. If OEM orders with drawing or samples                                        D. Please inform us about when ordering
Burst pressure(Mpa)
Tanperati ki aplikab-20 ℃ ~ + 115 ℃
Mwayen ki aplikabWater,sea water,oil,acid,alkali,etc.



1,for special order,products can be made according to customer’s requirement,flange standard is based on GB/T9119-2000(Optional ANSI,DIN,BSEN,NF,EN,JIS,SO etc).the balls can be made for NR,EPDM,CR,ZZR,NBR,FKM.

2,The product is available for overhead water-supplying.the pipe must equipped with fixed supper or fixed bracket,if not,the produce shall be installed with Anti pull off device.


Flexible rubber joint has good comprehensive performance, so it is widely used in chemical engineering, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, refrigeration, sanitation, water heating, fire protection, electric power and other basic projects. According to different materials, it can be made into various varieties, such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, etc., which can adapt to a variety of media and environments.

konpetitif Advantage

Konpayi nou an sèvi ak ekipman automatisation ki pi avanse nan pwodiksyon an nan jwenti kawotchou, e li gen anpil ane eksperyans nan pwodiksyon. Fè egzateman kontwole matyè premyè yo ak pwosesis pwodiksyon nan pwosesis pwodiksyon an pou asire bon jan kalite a nan pwodwi yo. Pwodwi yo ekspòte nan peyi Espay, Larisi, Pakistan, peyi Lejip, Vyetnam, Malezi, Thailand ak lòt peyi yo.

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